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Preparing Your Pipeline for 2022: 

Creating a Virtuous Cycle Through Smart Marketing & BD Strategies


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The Overview

The webinar recording features a panel discussion on ways leading firms are creating deal momentum and competitive advantage from a virtuous cycle that starts with your firm’s unique strengths. From insights on highlighting sector expertise to smart strategies to get the most out of recently closed deals—you’ll gain key takeaways to set your firm up for a robust 2022. 

Panelists include: Alpine Investors Director of Business Development, Ajeet Gautam; SourceScrub Co-Founder and CEO, Tyler Fair; and MiddleM Creative Vice President, Tricia Forbes 

Download the webinar to learn: 

  • How the dynamics of sourcing have shifted over the past 12 months, and ways teams are adapting. 
  • The importance of sector specialization for generating deal flow and creating value. 
  • Ways to use your experience as you break into new sectors. 
  • How to generate buzz and build momentum from closed deals. 
  • Things to look for that will help you set up for a successful 2022. 



Learn from The Experts


Tricia Forbes

Vice President

MiddleM Creative

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Tyler Fair

CEO & Co-Founder


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Ajeet Gautam

Director, Business Development

Alpine Investors

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